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We’re fully licensed and insured concrete experts, specializing in a variety of concrete work!

Our team can deliver high-quality decorative concrete, concrete overlays, new installation and restoration of concrete patios and so much more. We’re the highest quality concrete contractors Lubbock TX has to offer.

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Licensed & Insured

A licensed contractor is always on site to oversee every project.

Specialized Expertise

Fully trained to work on complex jobs and deliver to the highest standards.

Competitive Pricing

Premium services customized to your budget.

Serving Huntsville, AL and neighboring towns

Our contractors are the best in the state of Alabama and have the expertise to get any job done. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering satisfaction to every client after each project we complete. We are commitedd , and have open lines of communication, rapid responsiveness, and collaboration with our customers.

Our Top Concrete Services in Lubbock TX

Concrete Driveways

We’re one of the leading concrete companies in Lubbock Texas that offers concrete driveway installation, repair, and restoration work. Our team of experts provides a wide range of concrete driveway solutions to cater to varying needs of both commercial and residential clients.

We offer a wide range of concrete driveway solutions to suit different needs and budgets:

Stamped Concrete

If you want to improve your property without breaking the bank, adding a high-quality stamped concrete driveway is a cost-effective solution. Whether you need modern or traditional styles, we can deliver a driveway that will complement your home and enhance its over value.

Stained Concrete

We offer stained concrete services that give concrete driveways the appearance of brick, stone, or pavers at reasonable costs. Whether classic or contemporary designs, stained concrete can be customized to your preferences. Our team of Lubbock concrete experts also handles refinishing work to revitalize old and dull stained concrete and give it a new look.

Exposed Aggregate

For a more decorative concrete finish, go for exposed aggregate, a process that reveals the natural textures and colors of gravel, stones, crushed rocks, and other aggregates used to build the concrete driveway. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your home exterior’s aesthetic appeal while keeping costs low. We can pour a variety of aggregates over new concrete surfaces to give them a new look.

Concrete Pavers

We’re one of the premier Lubbock concrete contractors that offer a variety of concrete driveways and paver solutions, helping clients give their homes the boost they deserve. One of our specialties is concrete pavers with grass in between, cost-effectively blending the hardscape with greenery. For your convenience, we only use artificial turf–no need to worry about grass care and maintenance. 

Poured Concrete

When you want to keep it classic with an industrial appeal, a poured concrete driveway is the best option. Sticking with the gray-colored look with no added style is also a widely preferred look among clients in Lubbock. Poured concrete is durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting. When done right, your driveway will add value to your home and last for many years to come. My team makes the best Concrete Lubbock TX has to offer, and only uses locally sourced concrete mix and reinforcements that guarantee solid and enduring pours. 

Concrete Repair Lubbock

Concrete can last for several decades, even up to centuries, depending on various factors such as quality of materials, environmental conditions, maintenance, and construction techniques. However, over time, concrete may develop issues that require repair. When that happens, you need a contractor who can identify the cause of the problem and provide solutions at the root.

It takes skills, experience, and expertise to repair concrete surfaces, something our team of Lubbock concrete contractors can confidently boast about. We take pride in the quality of the materials and special techniques that we use to ensure proper applications and high-performance results.

Whether you need someone to repair concrete cracks, deal with problems on your concrete driveway or patio, or restore concrete slabs, Concrete Lubbock is the company to trust. We’ll repair concrete surfaces promptly and efficiently.

It doesn’t matter if you need assistance with a small or massive concrete repair project, we’re more than up to the task. So the next time you find concrete cracks, dents, and other problems don’t just hire any concrete companies in Lubbock TX, entrust the job to us. We guarantee high-quality and long-lasting results. For all your concrete repair needs, contact us today.

Concrete Resurfacing Lubbock

Do you need to restore or enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces around your home? Concrete resurfacing is the quickest and most cost-effective way to breathe new life into existing concrete driveways, patios, walkways, garage floors, and more. We’ll apply a new layer of material over old and damaged surfaces to enhance their appearance and functionality.

Using high-quality materials and resurfacing techniques, we can cover imperfections and provide a smooth even finish, improve aesthetics, and prevent further damage at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.

Concrete Overlay

Often used interchangeably with resurfacing, concrete overlay practically follows the same process where a layer of concrete is laid over a prepared surface. Regardless of which term is used, the application is basically the same.

Whether you need Lubbock concrete service providers for overlay or resurfacing work, our expert team will get you sorted in no time. Give us a call today to request a free, no-obligation estimate.

Concrete Restoration Lubbock

When concrete repair or resurfacing is no longer enough, concrete restoration is the next best solution. This refers to a process of repairing and renewing concrete structures that have deteriorated over time or are showing damage. Prompt restoration is necessary to ensure safety and to get problems under control while still possible.

We’re Lubbock concrete contractors offering comprehensive solutions, to help in various stages of concrete disrepair.

Some of the concrete restoration solutions we offer include: 

Slab Lifting & Leveling

We restore concrete surfaces that have either lifted or dropped for a variety of reasons, such as plumbing leaks, tree roots, or poor soil compaction. Sunken or uneven concrete slabs pose serious risks that should be addressed immediately. Our team can restore them to their original level using specialized materials and techniques. 

Walkway Lifting and Leveling

Walkways are designated paths built for safety, accessibility, convenience, and the aesthetics they add to the overall property. However, due to a poorly constructed base, tree roots, soil erosion, and other reasons, walkways can either sink or rise from their intended level. This can result in trip hazards, accessibility concerns, and further damage when left alone. Walkways need to be lifted and leveled to avoid any issues. We’ll get them fixed and restored for you immediately!

Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints play a vital role in preventing cracking and other issues in concrete structures by absorbing the stress that comes with changing temperature and ground movement. Without these flexible parts, structural issues will occur and result in costly repairs. At the first sign of damage, contact your friendly concrete contractor right away. We’ve helped thousands of clients in Lubbock with expert expansion joint repair for both structural and foundational repair. 

Rebar Spalling Repair

Concrete structures and surfaces are reinforced with rebars (steel bars) to increase durability and longevity. Over time, these bars become exposed or corroded, leading to what is known as rebar spalling. Ignoring this problem can lead to more problems. This is where rebar spalling repair comes in. We’ll clear out any weakened material and then apply a concrete mix to match the rest of the structure or surface. Fixing spalling prevents further damage and increases safety and longevity. 

For any concrete issues, contact us right away. 

Stamped Concrete

We specialize in stamped concrete, also referred to as embossed concrete. Our extensive selection of stamps can mimic a range of designs–pavers, stones, bricks, slates, wood, and more. As one of the leading concrete companies in Lubbock, we’ve stamped hundreds of concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, walkways, and many other projects. 

So the next time you want your driveway or patio to look like it’s made of natural stone but at a fraction of the cost, contact our pros right away. We’ll customize stamped concrete designs to match your needs and budget. 

Concrete Patios Lubbock

It can be a waste of space if you can’t enjoy your backyard all year round. So why not install a new patio and effectively extend your living space outdoors? Depending on the structure, you’ll be able to use it regardless of the weather or season. 

For high-quality and visually appealing concrete patios, trust Concrete Lubbock to deliver. Over the past decades, we’ve built a reputation as the contractor that guarantees successful projects. Our expert team can provide the same level of product and service to you. 

Speak to our experts and let’s talk about your new concrete patio.

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Installation & Repair

Transforming the look and feel of a home can be as easy as installing a high-quality pool deck.

We offer exceptional pool deck resurfacing service, breathing new life into old and outdated pool decks using a modern stamped concrete overlay. We can restore concrete surfaces to new-like conditions or transform them with a new look. The choice is up to you. Either way, you get an updated pool deck that costs less than a full replacement.

We also offer pool deck repair and new installation services. All our projects are carried out safely and efficiently with guaranteed quality results.
A pool deck is a great place to relax, entertain, or just enjoy the view. It’s important to hire a contractor who has the skills to bring your visions to life. Our team has the expertise to fully understand what you want from a pool deck and deliver to your satisfaction. The goal is to provide you with an attractive and durable pool deck using a combination of innovative designs and stylish colors and finishes.

For professional and top-notch pool deck installation, resurfacing, and repair, contact us today.

Concrete Staining

Are you tired of looking at old and dull concrete patios and floors? Cement staining may be what you need. We offer concrete staining services for indoor and outer surfaces, turning them from drab and outdated to sparkling new.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and our expertise, we can enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces with either acid-based chemical stains or decorative concrete staining. Stains penetrate the surface to create rich, translucent hues. This technique is popular for its low maintenance, durability, and versatility in design.

Can’t decide between acid-base and decorative concrete stains? Contact our expert team today for professional advice. We also provide free quotes for all our concrete services.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are built to hold back or retain soil and prevent erosion. Done right, it can be a major investment with high returns. This means long-lasting walls that don’t require constant repairs or maintenance work.

Considering the walls’ purpose, it’s important to hire the best concrete contractors for the job as they use materials and techniques that meet industry standards. Their knowledge and experience are also essential in building a retaining wall that will last 50 years instead of just five.

Concrete Lubbock can build all types of retaining walls–cement block, poured, precast, and interlocking block walls. Our expert team can advise you on the best type of retaining wall for your property. Contact us today.

Concrete Slabs

Are you looking for a contractor to pour new concrete slabs in Lubbock? 

Poured concrete has been used for various kinds of construction projects, such as roads, sidewalks, bridges, driveways, and parking lots because of its versatility, durability, and longevity. When concrete is poured for a driveway, patio, or garage floor, it’s poured in temporary forms that are removed once the concrete has completely cured and hardened. The quality of the finished product, however, will depend on the contractor. 

That’s why it’s important to perform your due diligence, so you can better identify which Lubbock concrete companies use quality materials and offer the best workmanship. Whenever you need a top-quality cement slab with the finish you desire, give us a call right away. 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and free quotes. 

Concrete Foundation Contractors

When you want to start any construction project with a solid foundation, concrete foundation contractors are your partners in achieving your goals. They have the expertise to safely and efficiently navigate all the challenges that come with the project and deliver a highly durable and long-lasting result. 

As local concrete contractors, we’re familiar with the landscape and the challenges they pose in every project. We’ve developed techniques to build solid foundations, regardless of the slope, soil types, and other issues. We’ve helped many commercial and residential clients with the repair or installation of slab foundations, concrete footings, foundation walls, and more. 

Whatever you may need for your next project, our skilled contractors can help. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your concrete needs. 

In Huntsville, we’re the experts in new build and repair of concrete foundations. With our local knowledge of the soil types in the city, we can install and repair commercial and residential foundations that meet industry standards.

We’re the team you can trust for foundation walls, slab foundations, and concrete steps Huntsville AL. Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help with your concrete needs.

Commercial Concrete Contractors

We have a team dedicated to commercial concrete projects–trained experts who can handle small to large-scale jobs. They offer a wealth of experience needed on projects that require tight management and strict supervision to ensure success.

Our expertise spans various concrete commercial works, including but not limited to commercial buildings, parking lots, underwater pilings and piers, industrial complexes, seawall construction and restoration, and even large-scale structural beams.

So whenever you need commercial concrete installation or repair, contact Concrete Lubbock. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate to get you started.

Lubbock Concrete FAQs

What's the difference between concrete material and cement?

Concrete is essentially a blend of aggregates, bound together by cement, serving as the adhesive that holds everything together.

Is concrete supposed to crack?

It’s completely natural for outdoor concrete to develop cracks during the curing and drying process. That’s why we incorporate control joints, strategically cut into the concrete. These joints serve to guide and manage where any potential cracks may occur. By spacing these joints correctly, we minimize the chance of unsightly random cracks, ensuring a smoother and more visually appealing finish.

What areas do you service?

We offer concrete services throughout all of Lubbock.

For an Affordable Concrete Company Near Me

When it comes to concrete work in Lubbock, we’re one of the few concrete companies Lubbock Texas that offer expert workmanship at competitive prices. Thanks to our low overhead, we can pass on savings to our clients without sacrificing quality. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is proof of the quality, precision, and professionalism we offer our commercial and residential clients.

So if you’re searching for an affordable concrete company near you, give us a call right away. We offer free estimates on all our services to help you get closer to your dream concrete project.

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